Natural Pinecones

Our hand picked natural pinecones are carefully blown free of pine sap and debris by a special forced-air drying process. Then we gently apply pine scented essential oils to make them smell great.

Jeffrey Pinecone

The 'Classic' Lake Tahoe Pinecone! An appealing symmetrical cone that stands perfectly upright.

These Pinecones are most popular to the South Shore of Lake Tahoe and look great just about anywhere in a home! Each Pinecone we pick to ship to you is given the "table test". It has to sit upright on a table to display its beautiful glory.

Ponderosa Pinecones

Ponderosa Pinecones are great for craft projects!

Ponderosa's are also known as the Bull Pine or Western Yellow Pine, and is a widespread and variable pine native to western North America. Our Ponderosa Pinecones are chestnut brown colored and often used in home decorations.

Digger Pinecone

Makes an excellent table decoration by itself or with a raffia ribbon tied around it.

Diggers are also known as the 'Combat Pinecone' (because of its weight and spiky pointed tips). The Digger Pinecone was found in the California Foothills. Digger cones are our heaviest pine cone and used often as the centerpiece of seasonal displays.

Tiny Pinecones

Lake Tahoe "baby sized" Conifers look great in basket displays and wreaths. Tiny Pine Cones are often used for ornamental decorations and are great just to scatter on your window sill to enjoy every time you look out your window!

These hand picked tiny cones smell great and are a welcome addition to any craft or art project.

Tiny Lake Tahoe Pinecones
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Sugar Pinecones

Elegant and Appealing - The Sugar Pinecones is the Longest Lake Tahoe Pinecone!

These cones are great in seasonal decorations and craft projects due to their natural ability to bend without breaking. It is popular for decorating because of their large size and striking beauty. One side of the cone is almost always perfect and the golden brown tips and deep brown center make the Lake Tahoe Sugar Pinecone a great addition to any of your home decorating projects.

This page includes free information on Pinecones from the Lake Tahoe area. If you choose to pick your own pinceones then please respect the beautiful area in which we live and don't take them from the squirrels in the Fall.

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