Thanks for visiting our site. We have alot of knowledge of the beautiful pinecones in the Lake Tahoe region. We offer you this information for free and only ask that if you choose to pick your own cones then please respect the region we love and live in. Our Deocrative Pinecones are only gift suggestions and if you make your own then you do so at your own risk. See our Terms & Conditions for more information.

Pinecones can be hand-picked in and around Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada region. We hope that you care deeply about the environment, and gather only pinecones that have fallen naturally.





Decorated Lake Tahoe Pinecones
Natural Pinecones of Lake Tahoe

Firestarters are both decorative, great-smelling and a must for any cabin or fireplace setting.

Firestarters can be created by hand dipping Ponderosa Pinecones into pine scented wax. The wax we use has a mixture of Tahoe pine needles which makes a great smelling product and lights easily.

A Scented Pinecone bag is both decorative and great smelling. Ponderosa Pinecones and a handful of Tiny Conifers can be scented and packaged in a clear cello bag and tied with a festive ribbon. Untie the bag whenever you want the scent to fill your room.


Natural Pinecones are great for Home Decorating, Craft Projects, Seasonal Displays and Gift Giving.

These are the best natural Pinecones: Jeffrey Cones, Sugar Pinecones, Digger Cones, Ponderosa Pinecones and Tiny Confiers.

This Pinecone page includes information on Natural Pinecones! We provide links to Wikipedia for further description and history of these beautiful pinecones.

We recommend carefully blowing the pinecones with canned air to remove pine sap and debris. Gently apply pine scented essential oils to to enhance their natural fragrance.

  As noted above - this is an informational site that we provide to you for free. We welcome your comments and photos of pinecone projects you have done.


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